The Dilbert Widget now on my blog!

Why be creative on my own, when other people are doing such a good job? Scott Adams now has a Dilbert widget for use with web sites. Look to the right. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I figured out how post a comment from my mobile device! I can't click the words. If I hit down once, a narrow line is highlighted. Clicking accept on that triggers the posting.

I'll have to look at the widget on a regular desktop. That doesn't come through on this mobile device.

spacer01 said...

Now you just need to figure out how to identify yourself. (Although I now suspect that you are the one known as Equalitist in this virtual realm).

Randolph J. said...

You figured it out. I always suspected you engineer types were pretty smart.

So, the Dilbert widget is an ad to get people to read the latest Dilbert comic? Not that I'm opposed to that. I just want to be sure I'm not missing something.

spacer01 said...

Yeah, that's all it does. I like Dilbert, so I thought I would post the widget on my blog.

D. said...


Notice that odd blip coming from southern China?

Yeah. 'Dat me.
I wish I knew how to get this to appear on your blog.

Just wanted you to know. Think I win the prize for "furthest away from home" check-in to your blog?


spacer01 said...

Odd, I would say you did figure out how to post a comment
to my blog.

I haven't done the math, but I would say it is a close race between Oz and Honk Kong. Of course, it is all relative to where you define the physical location of the blog (or perhaps the blogger).

Of course, with the iPhone, I could be anywhere.

Say hi to Jackie Chan for me.