"Afghan Skies" by Robert Kiely

As is my habit, here is a war poem to celebrate Veteran's day. This year's poem was written by Robert Kiely, Irish Defense Forces, while attached to ISAF in 2007. It spoke to me because he is Irish (the country of my parents), he served with ISAF in Afghanistan (mere blocks from where I served), and it captures the feelings of a deployed soldier longing for their lover (which echoed my feelings back in 2011). 

Afghan Skies
by Robert Kiely, Irish Defense Forces
‘Neath Afghan skies I lay my head
and dream of soft brown dancing eyes.
Your sweet scent from my senses fled,
your gentle touch, a distant smile.

‘Neath Afghan skies I see you sleeping,
 yet when I awake you are gone.
We share the same constellations fleeting
but countless miles see us alone.

The ceiling stares – a ticking clock
and still no calm to wistful sighs.
The shadows in the corner mock
while pictures play before my eyes.

I see across Drumavish hills,
the waves break on Rosnowla beach.
As winter blows its icy chill
your splendour smile just out of reach.

The passion that we often know.
The pleasure as our spirits ‘twined.
Breast to breast, a knowing glow -
our heart beats beat as one defined.

As slumber breaks, alone again
but images of you endure.
I hold them as my thoughts remain,
I save them in my mind secure.

‘Neath Afghan skies I write a while
and as I wish this night to fade
(a soldier’s curse, a spouse’s trial)
I wait for our reunion made.