Man, have I been slacking off...

Sure, I have a blog, where did I leave that thing, it's around here somewhere....

Okay, okay, so I don't really write prolifically. At least I post once in a while.

Here are some updates:
It was warm enough new year's day to go for a motorcycle ride, so I did. I meant to post that to piss off my motorcycle riding readership in the cold northlands.

We were supposed to go see STS-117, the next space shuttle mission lift off from KSC. It was going to be a nice trip-the wife has not seen a shuttle launch in person yet, my 2 year old son might be just at the right age to enjoy that much fire and noise (or else I would be having surgery to remove a small child from my neck), and there would be time for the usual Orlando activities as well as visiting with some old friends. Alas, Thor, God of Thunder intervened and laid waste to the External Tank with a mighty blast of hail. Now, with the shuttle launch tbd (the last news was NASA decided not to make a decision until next month on when they might launch....grrrrrr), tax bills coming due, and other obligations on the calender, our trip may not happen this year. Too bad, cause I actually know one of the guys on the crew and wouldn't mind seeing him take a ride to orbit again.

The kids are 2 and 1, so life is ground hog day--get up, get kids ready for daycare, drive to daycare, drive to work, work, drive to daycare, drive home, eat, get kids ready for bed, fall asleep on floor of son's bedroom, stagger to own bed, wake up to screaming baby, hand in bottle, stagger back to bed, move son, who is now in my spot, move cat that has jumped up in place of son, fall back into bed, get up, get kids ready.....

We have all been sick, but fortunately not all at once. Lots of colds, one almost flu/strep throat thing, some ear infections, etc. Kids are biohazards.

I turned 36. Ugh. Felt like over the hill last year, can't wait to see what this feels like in another six months. Love getting older.

South Park has been on for 10 years???? They must be stuck in some sort of endless loop, because the kids haven't aged or changed grades in quite some time (hmmm-the future of tv-all cartoons-actors are never seen and so only have to sound plausible and not look plausible-screw reality tv, this is the real low budget winner). My favorite episode is probably still the undead episode (first season?) where Kenny was embalmed with Worcestershire sauce and turns into a flesh eating zombie (or pinkeye as it is known in the medical community). Actually, I guess it was episode 107 of the first season and it was called Pinkeye. And to my friends that played way too much warcraft (you know who you are), please watch Episode 1008, Make Love, Not Warcraft and take it's lesson to heart.

Iran started holding hostages again. Happy days are here again. Feels just like my childhood somehow.

Still no signs of intelligent life on Earth....

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