Too tired to post for several months

Where have I been the last few months?

Well, I have been busy in the real world and forgot to maintain my virtual presence.

Short summary:

Kids have been working us hard-middle of the night wakeups, the two year old showing up in the bed sometime during the night, resistance to going to bed-in other words, we are spending lots of energy and getting little rest.

Work has kept me busy-lots of 6 day weeks. Lots of 0-dark-30 wake ups to get in by 0600. Contributing to the aforementioned lack of sleep.

School has kept me busy too-foolishly taking another grad class in engineering. When will I learn to stop learning and have some fun?

Shorter summary: after the kids go to bed, I collapse, then get up and go to work, then pick up kids, then try to get kids to bed, start over.

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