She's got the big guns...

On my recent trip to an undisclosed location, I managed to visit the USS Missouri Memorial. It was a nice tour, especially if you like warships with 16" guns (that's 406.4 mm to you SI types). I took some photographs with the phone. Check them out.

This is what you see as you approach the ship from the port side. You can never fly too many US flags.

This photo is from the bow, near the anchor chains, looking aft toward 6 of the biggest mobile guns in the world.

This next shot is looking forward over the guns from the bridge wings. The white structure is the Arizona Memorial.

Here is a photo of the plaque embedded in the deck marking the location where the representatives of the Empire of Japan signed the instrument of surrender before the representatives of the Allied Powers, marking the end of World War II.

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tragedyman said...

The second photo also highlights the fact that she's been Panamized for our protection.