UPDATED (again): All hail the frakin' hail!

Just had golf ball size hail hit here in Texas. I believe when they say that, that is meant as some sort of average hail size. Something much larger or much faster than that hit the rear window of my car and shattered it. Something else hit one of my rear view mirrors, cracked the plastic housing, and knocked the housing off the car. Will update with photos of horrendous damage in the morning when I have some light (and no rain).

Did I mention that I just had hail damage fixed on the car late last year?

Frakin' hail!

UPDATE: Now with pictures! It took about an hour to clean up the glass and water. I am glad I wasn't on the road with the kids, because glass shards covered the car seats and back seat area as well as the hatchback/trunk. My insurance company has mobilized a catastrophe team for the region. No rental cars until after 1430 local time. My car determined to be unsafe to drive until an adjuster can inspect in person. Guess I am on the motorcycle for a while today.

The place where my rear window used to be....

One of three spider web cracks in the windshield....

The roof of the car simulating the dark side of the moon....

UPDATE 2: Got the insurance appraisal. Initial damage estimate is $6200. Holy impact damage, Batman. All that from some falling iceballs. Frakin' hail. Car has been delivered to the body shop. There were about 20 cars parked on the grass. The owner's wife had to start working there just to keep up with the paper work. I heard they are hiring a huge number of paintless dent removal techs (if they can find them).

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