Messing around with 2 Dimensional Bar Codes

Check this out.  

Go get some 2D reader software and install it on your camera equipped smart phone.  One example is NeoReader.  

Next, use the software to scan a 2DBC (like 3DBB only one dimension less) and see what happens.  What?  You don't have any 2DBCs laying around?  Well try this one:

The software should have taken you to this web page.  The information store in the image above is actually my blog's URL: http://spacer1.blogspot.com
Pretty cool, eh?  If you add this design to various items, people can scan it and get the URL back.  The above image was created using a java tool from this web page.  Enjoy.

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Equalitist said...

To do this for fun you have totally gone way past geek.