Discovered on a vehicle sticker

As I was leaving the bank (this will make the web site seem even
funnier), I saw a sticker on the driver's side window of a car. The
sticker had the phrase 'Expect Resistance' in bold red letters. Below
that phrase was the following URL:


Go ahead and check it out, I will wait right here.

Okay, now let me remind you that this sticker was on a relatively late
model car parked in a Bank of America parking lot. So someone from a
decentralized anarchist collective was driving the product of highly
industrialized capitalist society and engaging in banking at a large
nationwide bank with close ties to the federal government.

As metron always said, irony is very ironic.

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metron said...

I think the "Police Not Welcome" stickers would make a wonderful birthday gift for a mutual friend of ours...

spacer01 said...

I didn't bother reviewing the sight in detail, but I agree, our friend may find those stickers amusing. I like the "This phone is tapped" sticker as well.