HAVE LASIK-will get buried in paperwork

Well, I am still working on the astronaut application. I did this once before, but I forgot how much bloody paperwork is involved. Resume (not too short, but not too long), references, medical history, flying history, official transcripts, proof that you are not currently controlled by an alien life force bent on world domination, etc, etc.

Compare this to the civilian, that is non-government world. Email resume, do a phone interview or two, get flown somewhere for a real world interview (they will even fly a spouse or kids if they really want you), plant tour, get taken out for a nice lunch, maybe a nice dinner, might get a quick tour of area, etc. If they like you, they offer you the job and then you fill out the application, etc (no sense wasting people's time on paperwork that isn't needed).


Well, I have several months before the job posting is closed, so I should be able to get it all done.

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Randolph J. said...

What about a human bent on world domination? Of course, when you go for the interview, they may see the strings...unless we use fishing wire and they haven't had lasik!

Good luck dude. If you need a reference, let me know. You know I'd lie for you ;-)