I am spying on you

I added a little mapping widget from maps.amung.us that shows the location of my vast horde of readers (all one of you).


Veronica said...

You have 2 readers, me and Randy!

metron said...

No, he has three.

Spacer01 said...

Lurkers! I knew it! How many more of you are out there in stealth mode?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Ted, now you can add me to that illustrious list!!!!
I've always been a big fan; just in case your Mom hasn't told you. ;-)))
Anyway, I was watching a local station in Rockford this a.m. (Yes, lovely Rockford), and they have a cable station for Rockford College. This morning, they had a NASA program running and showed how they lifted up the Discovery to attach the rockets. Of course, Pratt and Whiteny was in big, bold letters on the bottom, and I immediately thought of you. I mentioned to Jim that you had always wanted to be an astronaut and since they have been sending some citizens (such as teachers) into space, I felt that you should apply and try to get onboard one of the flights. I think you would be of enormous help to them! I would love to go up as well, but, of course, I haven't a chance. However, given your intellect, training and skills, you should be able to "hitch a ride."
Take care,
"Mrs. 'R' " a/k/a Karen