Surfing for the first time

This weekend I decided I should try surfing (since I am in SoCal).

Results after 2.5 hours (including lesson and freeplay)
-jammed big toe (left foot)
-gigantic deep blister (right big toe)
-knuckle on right middle finger swollen by about 30% and too stiff to move for a day
-bruise on right leg
-deep deep muscle pains, particularly in legs
-sand and salt, lots of it, embedded almost everywhere
-about 3 seconds of time almost standing (just long enough to yell "Whoo-[splash!][gurgle][sputter])
-the distinct memory of being under the surfboard and getting pushed under the water by the wave
-real annoyance at a bunch of young punks doing sick tricks on shorty boards
-the determination to try this again (if I heal enough before I leave town)

To quote one Sergeant Roger Murtaugh of the LAPD, I am too old for this shit.

If you are trying to figure out just how funny this must have looked from the outside, just think back to my famous wipeouts from the early years of snowskiing (if you ever saw one).


Randolph J. said...

Ah yes, you and your kaleidascope jacket - at least that's what it looked like when you were spinning on the snow going down the hill. I imagine the surfing wouldn't have been as much fun to watch, with the wipeouts putting you under water and all. But surfing is definitely on my list of things to do while I'm on this planet.

Spacer01 said...

Or hook up with a giant alien planet eater, get turned silver, and try it out off planet.