One degree of separation from VA Tech Shootings

I was reading CNN today (well it's better than watching it) and I found out that I know one of the engineering faculty members at Virginia Tech. It was quite a shock. I was obviously saddened to hear about the massacre, but it was in an impersonal way. In fact, after the first day, I was a little sick of the story (after all, the media did not have anything new to add, so I was tired of hearing the repeated story). It seemed that all other news stopped (even though the insurgents were lighting up Iraq last week). Then I read this article and I see the name of my design professor from UIC. Apparently, he moved to Virginia Tech in 2004 (long after I last had contact with him). Still, the last thing you expect in such a situation is to know anyone involved with it. I also recently found out some co-workers are Virginia Tech alumni.

Life is weird.

Go Hokies (never even heard of their mascot before the shootings, probably never forget the name now....).

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