Real Pizza in Texas

This may not be a big deal to you, unless you grew up in Chicago and then left for other parts of the country. Nobody else's pizza ever tasts right. And most places insist on cutting pizza's into pie shaped slices, which is okay if the pizza is small, but makes them unwieldy if they are large. Most places in Chicago cut regular (non-deep dish) pizza's into square shaped pieces. This makes them small and easy to manage. I finally found a place in Texas that knows how to make real pizzas. How? Well, it turns out they are from Chicago, that's how. Enter Little Joe's Famous Chicago Pizza and Restaurante. Now I never heard of them before, so I don't know how famous they really are, but their menu states they originated on 63rd street and have locations in Tinley Park and New Lennox (following the exodus out of the city no doubt). When we opened up the box, I immediately declared that it looked like real pizza. The taste wasn't too bad. The sauce was a little mild for my preferences, but otherwise everything else was much better than any other local pizza joint.

We can now survive in Texas indefinitely.


Anonymous said...


Steph and I love Little Joe's pizza -- we often get takeout from their restaurante in New Lenox. It's out in the "boonies" near us in Lockport!

Dave & Steph

(Yes, I do read your blog......)

Spacer01 said...

Thanks Dave. I knew you were lurking out there somewhere reading my pointless posts.